Danshi & Kiri Age

Ninpo Taijutsu Dublin
初見先生 – 表逆拳捌

Class began with an extended session on zenpō, yoko and kohō kaiten, looking at working from the ground, standing in kamae and lastly as an escape from technique. After this we moved onto the fourth kata from the Jōryaku no maki of Gyokko Ryū, Danshi. After a quick run through of the meaning of the kata’s name, we looked at the basic kurai dori, structure and angle of the boshiken, mechanics of the grip release, keri and tenchi inyō principle in the final gyaku.

For the kenjutsu segment of the class we worked on Kiri Age after reviewing the proper form for rising cuts. In particular we worked on the initial sabaki and te no uchi of the cut and thrust movement, before examining various targets and the application of the concept of sokui no hō.

“Life is full of mistakes. When you make a mistake, you should not wince about it, but you should make it into fertilizer for the future growth of our younger students.” – Hatsumi Sensei