Danshi, KIri Age & Sayugyaku

初見先生 - 斬上
初見先生 – 斬上

Training began with a detailed look at zenpō kaiten starting with the basic version from standing, before looking at more challenging variations as a way of taking ukemi from technique. After this we moved onto Danshi, revising the main kata in a sequential fashion, before looking at a number of original henka as well as adapting the movement for use with short sword.

In the kenjutsu segment we looked at Kiri Age, focusing on the correct sabaki and various angles used, as well as the correct form for the rising cut and thrust. After this we moved onto the Sayugyaku, looking at capturing using the correct senpō and targeting.

“Most sword practitioners try to use only the power of the sword. They don’t try to use their own power. When the sword and the self become one, then you are doubly strong.” – Hatsumi Sensei