Gyaku Nagare, Kiri Age & Kiri Sage

初見先生 – 斬下
初見先生 – 斬下

Class began with a detailed look at kohō kaiten, starting from sitting, then standing, then as means to avoid being injured by technique or by impacting the ground. After this we moved onto the fifth kata from the Jō Ryaku No Maki, Gyaku Nagare, looking at the use of angles, distancing to keep out of Aite’s reach. We also looked at two henka which build on the same principles and bio-mechanics as the main kata.

For the kenjutsu segment of the class we reviewed Kiri Age and Sayugyaku, but against Aite wielding a yari. Following on from here we started in Kiri Sage, the next kata, looking at using proper structure and pivots to resolve Aite and Tori clashing tsuba.

“From the smallest thing, invincible people can be led to defeat.” – Hatsumi Sensei