Gyaku Nagare, Kiri Sage & Sayugyaku

Kenjutsu Ireland
初見先生 – 斬下

Class began with revising zenpō kaiten, working on the basic to begin with, before working on rolling over either shoulder, before working on rolling from Ura Gyaku. After this we moved onto Gyaku Nagare, Tori working on keeping proper ma-ai at each point in the kata so as to avoid any counters and Aite working on proper attacking form. After this we looked at two henka, using similar angles and use of the hips to the main kata.

After this we reviewed Kiri Sage and Sayugyaku, working on using structure to press up and under Aite’s resistance in tsuba zeriai, before angling away or taking a position to kick, so as to in to create distance to counter.

“…I seek to express the importance of abandoning this kind of general common sense and opinion for a moment, and instead looking at the true form of things. Nonetheless, if one does not have real training, then doing this will amount to nothing.” – Hatsumi Sensei