Ashi Sabaki, Hanebi, Kasugai Dome & Sayugyaku

Kenjutsu Ireland
初見先生 – 鎹止

Class began with a discussion of various parts of transmission (Taiden, Kuden and Shinden) and how they relate to kata practice and kisō. From here we examined basic Ashi Sabaki, looking at correctly moving with the feet in a multitude of directions, working from kamae, tsuki and uke gata, and using that basis to create proper structure.

After this we looked at Hanebi from the Jō Ryyaku No Maki, first looking at the attack and follow up kick, as well as the te no uchi of the hodoki gata and gyaku, as well as the correct distancing for the kick and positioning against possible counters. After this we looked at some original henka, and examining how they use similar principles to the kata.

In the last segment of the class we reviewed the correct use of distancing and connection in Kasugai Dome, before reviewing correct gyaku kesa giri cuts for the second and third Sayugyaku, focusing on reducing excess movement to make the counter cuts as efficient as possible.

“People create all their barriers for themselves. It’s really such a foolish things to do. We create our own obstacles and lose our own way in the search for truth. So it represents no barrier for me now. All that is necessary to do when one faces a barrier is just keep walking, paying it no attention. Just keep going, keep walking, and the obstacles disappear!” – Hatsumi Sensei