Jōdan Uke, Tate Hōkō, Hanebi, Kiri Age Sayugyaku & Kasugai Dome Sayugyaku

Japanese Sword Dublin
初見先生 – 縦方向

Class began with a review of Jōdan Uke, looking at the proper distancing, structure and mechanics of the movement. From here we reviewed Tate Hōkō, looking at how the body is used in a similar fashion to rapidly draw the sword.

After this we recapped Hanebi, looking at the initial sabaki and shirabe gata, te no uchi of the hodoki gata and gyaku waza, as well as the correct positioning for the final kick. We also covered two original henka, with an emphasis on the correct alignment of Aite’s structure in both.

In the kenjutsu section of the class we reviewed the basic gyaku kesa giri on both sides, using the proper grip alignment to set up the correct hasuji, before practicing the several rising cuts in succession. After this we reviewed some kata using this rising cut, looking at the Sayugyaku of Kiri Age and Kasugai Dome, looking at removing any excess movement in order to speedily counter cut Aite.

“Do not think you are tough because you can do any one technique well. Do not get too full of yourself.’ – Hatsumi Sensei