Kihon, Ketō & Ryūha Battōjutsu

Iai Dublin
初見先生 – 左抜

Class began with a review of the fundamental kihon of kamae, tsuki, keri, uke, before reviewing the kata Ketō. Focusing on economy of movement for both Aite and Tori, correct angling and timing the kata, we also reviewed the importance of keeping correct structure and balance throughout. After this we moved onto some original henka, looking at various applications of shakoken.

From here we moved onto an extended session of Battōjutsu, looking at the basic vertical, horizontal and rising draws, before working on a selection of ryūha kata, concluding with some of the more unusual draws from Togakure Ryū.

“If you can only do Taijutsu, but cannot use weapons, you do not truly understand anything. Taijutsu represents the first third of what there is. Using weapons as a natural part of your Taijutsu represents the second third…” – Hatsumi Sensei