Ura Gyaku, Yubi Kudaki, Kenjutsu no Kihon & Battōjutsu

Ninjutsu Bujinkan Dublin
初見先生 – 捌き

Class began with the basic of ura gyaku, looking at flowing to the correct position to separate the grip and take the gyaku effortlessly, as well as to account for likely resistance. From here we moved onto yubi kudaki, looking at positioning striking and moving while keeping the gyaku throughout the movement, before taking a pin on the ground. We also looked at two original henka, examining using position to overcome resistance and flow into the next movement.

Following on from this we looked at a variety of terms such as kotsu, mushin, kihaku, and so on and how they relate to performing and evaluating movement. From here we reviewed te  no uchi, kamae, kiri gata, tsuki gata, and uke gata, focusing on the use of angles in both the sabaki of kenjutsu no uke gata and mutōdori. After this we moved onto battōjutsu, looking at proper angling to avoid Aite’s cut and sabaki to draw the blade quickly.

“Nothing is so uncertain as one’s own common sense or knowledge. Regardless of one’s fragile knowledge one must singlemindedly devote oneself to training, especially in times of doubt.” – Hatsumi Sensei