Sabaki, Ukemi Taihenjutsu, Te Hodoki & Ketsumyaku

初見先生 – 体解
初見先生 – 体解

Class began with a look at ichimonji no kamae and tsuki, before moving onto basic sabaki and its relation to kenjutsu. From here we moved onto ukemi taihenjutsu, looking at a basic form of zenpō kaiten,  and emphasizing proper structure and breathing.

After this we moved onto te hodoki, looking at freeing the hand in various directions, before following up with omote gyaku, take ori or atemi, focusing on correct kurai dori and kotsu.

Finally we looked at the form for resisting shime waza, before examining the kihon sankaku jime. With this basic we moved onto the kata ketsumyaku, looking at resisting and untying the choke, before moving to gyaku nage and avoiding potential counters. From here we looked at two henka, examining re-positioning while keeping the gyaku before throwing.

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