Ukemi, Tsuki, Uke, Hon Gyaku & Sakketsu

初見先生 - 巌石投
初見先生 – 巌石投

Class began with a review of zenpō kaiten starting from seiza, then hanza and finally from ichimonji no kamae. After this we reviewed the correct alignment of tsuki, before working on the ashi sabaki of Jōdan Uke, before working on a daken version, targeting various points on the arm.

From here we moved onto Hon Gyaku, working on the basic form, before looking at overcoming resistance to the technique with proper application of the gyaku and correct positioning.

Finally we looked at Sakketsu, first reviewing the kihon of tai hodoki from hagai jime and kannuki jime, before taking the correct position for ganseki otoshi, and using proper mechanics to project Aite.

“Shut up and train!” – Hatsumi Sensei