Te No Uchi, Kamae, Kiri Gata, Tsuki Gata, Uke Gata & Battōjutsu

初見先生 - 八法秘剣
初見先生 – 八法秘剣

Class began with a discussion of the meaning of shingitai, examining mushin, fudōshin, zanshin, kihaku and others. From here we moved onto Te No Uchi, looking at forming the fundamental grip, before moving into different kamae and looking at the function of each. After this we working on cutting, working on getting the proper alignment for vertical, horizontal and diagonal cuts, keeping proper form throughout.

After a quick break we moved onto tsuki gata, working on both suwari tsuki and both versions of tachi tsuki, emphasizing the correct structure for the tsuki and the withdrawl, while staying poised and balanced. After this we transitioned to uke gata, working on proper use of angle and structure for uke nagashi and jōdan uke nagashi from seigan no kamae, ensuring their function against long weapons. Lastly we reviewed battōjutsu, working on drawing vertically, laterally and diagonally, using the whole body to cast the sword into the target.

“Some people think they must have talent to join training, but talent comes to you depending on how often you train. You should try training harder rather than looking for where your talent lies.” – Hatsumi Sensei

The seminar with Luke Molitor is *this* weekend!