Luke Molitor Seminar – April 2015


So, the third of three seminars with Luke on Kukishin sword are done and dusted; across three seminars we did nearly 42 hours on Kukishin swordwork, and 10 hours on Battōjutsu – and there’s plenty more material in both that we didn’t get to! I think it’s safe to say everyone left with plenty to work on and practice for some time to come.

First and foremost, thanks to Luke for travelling all the way from Dallas for a third time (via the hellscape of Heathrow no less), and blow everyone away with the detail, skill and authority that comes from proper transmission and practice, as well as being an incredibly articulate and patient teacher. Thanks also to the very wonderful Christina Marie Smith for coming along to experience all four season in one day, shaking hands with a crusader, proper Guinness, as well as a good trad sesh.

We’re are given so much freedom in Bujinkan I think it can be frustrating for teachers and students alike to figure out where to start, where what material fits in what context, how to train correctly, and on and on – I think this is why it’s such a treat to have genuine expert come in and teach a highly technical subject like sword from A-Z explaining not only the ‘how’ but the ‘why’.

Thanks in particular to the Shidoshi who made it out and whipped up the support required to make events like this work, and to all the attendees who made it out from all over the country, the UK and Germany, and to my own guys who as always helped out with all the key but unseen roles that go into organizing.

And for all those asking, very soon we’ll be announcing date for a fourth seminar, this time another three parter on the taijutsu, hiden and swordwork of Gyokko Ryū Kosshijutsu – so watch this space.