Tsuki, Ryūtai Undō, Sakketsu & Shihō Giri

初見先生 – 二刀術
初見先生 – 二刀術

Class began with a review of the fundamental structure of tsuki, before looking at the application of this axiom to jōdan uke. This lead into ryūtai undō, examining how to create a correct base for training.

In the taijutsu section of the class we reviewed kannuki jime and hagai jime, their correct form and applications, before looking at use of tai hodoki. With this in mind we moved onto Sakketsu, working on use of correct sabaki to escape the attack and take Ganseki. After this we looked at some original henka, looking at flowing into other waza as a contingency.

In the sword section of the class we reviewed shihō giri and happō giri, looking at various applications of the kata in relation to timing, rhythm, training goals, heihō and beyond.

“It doesn’t matter if it is jō, yari, naginata, or sword- you cannot use weapons unless you understand the principle of Taijutsu that underlies them.” – Hatsumi Sensei