Ukemi, Sakketsu & Battōjutsu

Bujinkan Ireland
初見先生 – 小太刀術

Class began with adapting the principles of zenpō kaiten into jun nagare and gyaku nagare, before looking at applying kohō kaiten into the yoko nagare taken from omote gyaku kote dori. From here we moved onto tai hodoki from kannuki and hagai jime, before reviewing the main kata of Sakketsu, working on using the spine for the hodoki and ganseki otoshi. From here we moved onto several henka, looking at flowing into ura gyaku, before attacking Aite’s base, as well as other escapes from hagai jime or kannuki jime.

In the second half of the class we reviewed drawing from a tsuki with a shotō, before reviewing suwari gata using battōjutsu with both the daitō and shotō, using the suwari gata to refining positioning before adapting the technique for use from standing.

“From the smallest thing, invincible people can be led to defeat. This becomes all the more apparent in a fight with real swords and not in the dōjō.” – Hatsumi Sensei