Taihenjutsu, Teiken, Ujaku, Seitō, Kochō Gaeshi & Happōgiri

初見先生 - 八法秘剣
初見先生 – 八法秘剣

Class began with a quick look at some of the various common points between kenjutsu and the other weapons studied as part of happōbiken, looking at how the taijutsu acts as the common medium. After this we moved onto looking at the importance of breath control and relaxation in ukemi taihenjutsu, working on doing multiple solo rolls, before transitioning to taking ukemi from repeated waza done in quick succession.

After this we moved onto Teiken, the last kata from the Jō Ryaku No Maki, working on several iterations of the main kata, before moving onto some original henka. From here we touched on the first two kata of the Chū Ryaku No Maki, Ujaku and Seitō, looking at the fine detail, how they relate to the kata of the Jō Ryaku and the meaning of the names in relation to their application.

For the kenjutsu section of the class we reviewed Kochō Gaeshi, looking at the proper sabaki and timing of Tori’s cut, as well as Happō Giri, looking at the basic foot work and flow, then applications with various timings, weapons and opponents.

“This movement is like when Takamatsu-sensei spoke of being like a butterfly – flitting about, yet in total balance and control.” – Hatsumi Sensei