Kihon, Chū Ryaku No Maki, Kiri Gata & Battōjutsu


Class began with a review of the correct form of Ichimonji no kamae, along with it’s applications in kurai dori. From there we reviewed uke gata, looking at the various iterations and correct biomechanics of jōdan uke and gedan uke. After this we moved onto keri kaeshi, looking at the intent of the movement and preliminary footwork.

With this groundwork we reviewed the first three kata of the Chū Ryaku No Maki, working on the flow, angling and timing of each, as well as using atemi to get the correct kazushi for the final gyaku in each.

After a short break we reviewed gyaku kesa giri and dō giri, looking at the targets in kacchu kenpō, before working on battōjutsu, positioning, drawing to cut, flowing into the follow up cut, withdrawing and zanshin in a single flow.

“From now on you must strive to cut out unnecessary movement. Waste in movement is wrong and will get you killed.” –  Hatsumi Sensei