Kisō, Kihon & Chū Ryaku No Maki

Bujinkan Ireland
初見先生 – 怒虎之構

Class began with kisō, starting with proper seiza and shomen kokyuhō, working to correctly assuming kamae and tai sabaki, before working on zenpō tsuki and jōdan uke, focusing on keeping the upper body relaxed.

From here we reviewed Ujaku and its henka, looking at keeping the correct control and grip on the wrist joint, using it to correctly effect the elbow and shoulder. After this we examined two versions of Seitō, focusing on the correct sabaki to evade Aite’s repeated strikes. Moving onto the henka we examined various applications of ōgyaku, using the shoulder as the central axis, and setting up for nage that plunge Aite downwards.

“Don’t hesitate and don’t hold back. In a real confrontation, if you do, you die” – Hatsumi Sensei