Kisō, Ujaku, Seitō, Dashin & Korai

Bujinkan Dublin
初見先生 – 風天護身合掌

Class began with kisō, starting with various stretches and mobility drills, working into suwari gata and kihon. After this we reviewed more of the Chū Ryaku No Maki reviewing the angling, footwork and structure of Ujaku, the atemi and kuzushi of Seitō. From here we moved onto Dashin first working on the evasion and shutō, then on the keri kaeshi and omote gyaku, before examining the the kata as a whole, looking at the timing and angle for applying the omote gyaku.

Following on from this we moved onto Korai, working on two versions of the initial evasion and wrist catch, before working on using the reaction to the shutō to set up the katate nage. Lastly we concluded with some hiden material.

“When you practice you must understand completely the essence of the names of the techniques. This is true not only of Gyokko Ryū but of all the schools of Budō” – Hatsumi Sensei