Junan Taisō, Taihenjutsu, Dashin, Korai & Tsukekomi

Ryutai Soke 15
初見先生 – 柔軟運動

Class began with Junan Taisō, working on loosening out the joints before moving on to preparation for oten, followed by hichō kaiten practicing on quickly changing the body on contact with the ground. After this we moved onto Dashin, working on initial evasion, using proper tai sabaki with the shutō, and suspending Aite with the keri kaeshi. After this we moved onto Korai, focusing on the evasion and weight transfer for the shutō and wrist take, as well as the timing of the katate nage.

After a quick break we reviewed the basic version of Tsukekomi and Sayugyaku, reviewing the proper use of kamae and intention, metsuke and hyoshi, and proper grip mechanics for the uke and kiri. Class concluded with Junan Taisō.

“Many people believe that knowledge is enough, but knowledge without courage ultimately leads to foolishness.” – Hatsumi Sensei