Reihō, Kisō, Hichō Kaiten, Korai, Hōsen, Sōjutsu & Tsukekomi

Bujinkan Dublin
高松先生 – 牛角拳

Class began with a review of reihō in Dōjō, before moving onto kisō, working the joints and muscles, before moving into basic zenpō kaiten, moving onto hichō kaiten, before using it as the basis for mutōdorigata training. After this we reviewed Korai, working on evading and taking with the body, and getting the correct flow for the katate nage. From here we moved onto the next kata, Hōsen, looking at applying gyokakuken to the neck correctly first, then working on the sabaki, keri and final strike, as well as the timing and reach with the wakazashi.

After a quick break we reviewed the basic form of Tsukekomi and Sayugyaku versus a swordsman, before working on performing the kata versus Yari, emphasizing the more difficult timing, but also the change in distancing and strategy, as well as proper rhythm.

“The martial way is about not giving up, and therein lies the secret.” – Takamatsu Sensei