Bujinkan Ninjutsu Dublin
初見先生 – 下段

Training began with kisō and junan taisō, before working on oten, hichō kaiten and chū gaeshi. After this we reviewed the use of gyokakuken, look at correctly attacking the kyūsho, before working on the ashi sabaki  and structure of tori’s movements. Continuing on from this we looked at Kō (Hanetsurube), looking at the strategy of Aite’s attacks, as well as the use of kotsu and kuzushi by tori to perform the final throw.

Following on from a quick break, we reviewed Tsukekomi, working on several iterations of the kata, as well as the Sayugyaku, emphasizing correct practice of kamae, kihaku, zanshin and kiai. Class concluded with some final ryūtai undō.

「立派なにつき、一生懸命修業すれば立派な武人になれるが、武道屋についた場合は真の武道を悟ることなどとうていおぼつかない。」- 初見先生

“Having an exceptional teacher and training diligently allows you to become an exemplary warrior, but it is almost impossible for you to learn true budō if your teacher is only doing his teaching as an occupation.” – Hatsumi Sensei