Kisō, Ukemi Taihenjutsu, Hōsen, Kō, Tsukigake & Kanpō

初見先生 – 蜂先拳
初見先生 – 蜂先拳

Class started with kisō and junan taisō, before working on oten, kohō nagare, yoko nagare and ryūsui. After this we reviewed two versions of Hōsen and Kō, looking at angling and slipping away from Aite’s attacks, as well as the correct use of structure in both, as well as the principle of sanbyōshi.

After a quick break we moved onto kenjutsu, working the fundamental cutting and evading patterns against yari, before working on Tsukigake versus an opponent with a sword first, then a spear. Finally we looked at the first kata of Kukishinden sōjutsu, Kanpō. Class finished with ryūtai undō.

「修業は人間形成に大きく貢献する。なぜなら、人間は正しい修業を習慣づけることによって、その人の個性、媒材を変えることができるからである。」- 初見先生

“Training greatly effects the molding of character. By making it a custom to train correctly, a person can change his personality and integrity” – Hatsumi Sensei