Kisō, Taihenjutsu, Hōsen, Kō, Shien, Kenjutsu no Kihon & Tsukigake

初見先生 – 突掛
初見先生 – 突掛

Class began with Junan Taisō, followed by oten, tobi kaiten, kohō kaiten and chū gaeshi. After this we reviewed the use of rhythm, timing and structure in Hōsen and Kō. After a quick talk about shirabe gata we looked at the timing, angling and positioning of the next kata Shien, relating it back to the kihon of omote gyaku.

After a quick break we reviewed some kenjutsu no kihon, flowing from cutting to blocking. After this we reviewed Tsukigake, working on the mechanics of the ashi sabaki and moguri gata, as well as the targeting in the keikoden and shinden. Class finished with gyaku waza and ryūtai undō.

“…know that the most dangerous way of thinking is to pretend you know everything. If you do not know something, it is okay. It is important to know that you do not know.” – Hatsumi Sensei

「修業一貫して神技を得る、そのためには、知ったかぶりが最も危険である。知らないなら知らないでよい。それを知ることが大事なのである。」- 初見先生