Ukemi Taihenjutsu, Shien, Hōraku, Tsukigake & Sayugyaku

初見先生 - 剣法
初見先生 – 剣法
Class began with kisō, working the joints and muscles, before moving onto oten and kaiten, working on achieving perfect control of direction with rolling. After this we reviewed Shien and Hōraku, working on slipping the initial attack, and immediately re-positioning to avoid follow up attacks, before working on the flow and positioning to the gyaku in Shien, and the use of kuzushi in Hōraku.
After this we reviewed the suhada and kacchu versions of tsukigake, working on flow and footwork. From here we moved onto the related sayugyaku, looking at the change in position to create kensei, before entering to attack, both against a swordsman or an opponent with a yari.
“Within budō, the ability to foresee certain victory is critical. Hesitation will not arise from a mind prepared for absolute victory”. – Hatsumi Sensei
「武道というのは絶対に勝つという予知能力が大事であり、絶対勝つという心構えからは迷いが生じない。」- 初見先生