Gogyō No Kata, Kihon, Shunū, Shunsoku & Kiri Age

初見先生 - 隼足
初見先生 – 隼足

Class began with a review of Gogyō No Kata, working on correctly taking kamae, proper taisabaki, uke and atemi gata of the five kata. After this we reviewed the various iterations of Jōdan Uke, looking at how each effected the ma-ai and follow up strikes.

After this we moved onto the Ge Ryaku no Maki of Gyokko Ryū. First we examined the ma-ai and ‘flight path’ of various sword draws, before working on the positioning and timing of the evasion and placement. From here we examined effecting Aite’s structure in both kata, and correctly matching the rhythm of Aite’s movements with one’s own.

After a quick break we reviewed Kira Age, working on various targets, footwork patterns, and the applications of kasumi no hō, before working on applications to a responsive scenario.

“In budō, if you are always chasing after the new you will abandon the indispensable secrets.” – Hatsumi Sensei

「武道というものは、新しいものばかりを追っていると、大切な秘文を見捨ててしまうからである。」- 初見先生