Shun-ū, Shunsoku & Kiri Age

Bujinkan Gyokko Ryu Dublin
初見先生 – 隼足

Class began with junan taisō, followed by oten renshū, zenpō, kohō and hichō kaiten. After this we worked on the taisabaki of jōdan uke, looking at each component in isolation before doing the whole movement.

Continuing with ge ryaku no maki, we reviewed battōjutsu ma-ai, before reviewing the initial evasion of shun ū and shunsoku. After this we reviewed controlling the tsuka in shun ū, and the saya in shunsoku, before working on original henka.

For the kenjutsu section, we reviewed Kiri Age, working on angling, targeting, and correctly extraction of the sword after tsuki, as well as checking with the blade and applications of kasumi no hō.

“Not only good students, but even when confronted with unworthy students, protect them.” – Hatsumi Sensei

「良い弟子ばかりでなく、弟子にあるまじき弟子に遭遇することがあっても、それを守る。」- 初見先生

Dublin seminar with Luke Molitor on Gyokko Ryū Hiden (Sword, etc.) & Bujinkan Ryūha Newaza 31st July – 2nd August.