Kosshi Kihon Sanpō & Torite Kihon Gohō

Martial Arts Dundrum
高松先生 – 十文字

Class began a three hour basics review with a quick talk on the importance and role of Kihon Happō in relation to correct training of kihon, weapons and schools material. Starting with Kosshi Kihon Sanpō, we first worked on correct alignment in kamae, the sabaki with the assorted uke gata, distancing in the counter strike, as well as the correct keeping of kensei and kurai dori.

After a quick break we moved onto Torite Kihon Gohō, working on the first three. Breaking up the steps we worked on covering, taking the kyūsho, positioning and taking the gyaku with a correct use of ashi and te sabaki.


“These fundamental eight axioms are akin to the origin of martial arts.” – Takamatsu Sensei

Dublin seminar with Luke Molitor on Gyokko Ryū Hiden (Sword, etc.) & Bujinkan Ryūha Newaza 31st July – 2nd August.