Kihon Happō, Kaisoku, Kōryaku & Iaifū

Bujinkan Dublin Dojo
初見先生 – 意合封

Class began with a review of Kosshi Kihon Sanpō, working on kamae, ma-ai, kyūsho and hyōshi of each. From here we moved onto Omote Gyaku, Omote Gyaku Ken Sabaki and Ura Gyaku, looking at the use of kurai dori, ashi sabaki and the te no uchi to effectively neutralize Aite. From here we worked on musha dori and ganseki nage, working on each segment, positioning, entering with the correct te sabaki, taking the gyaku with the whole body, before throwing, while using proper kotsu to prevent Aite countering.

After this we reviewed the main kata of Kaisoku, focusing on the angling, entering and gyaku in one flow, before looking at two henka which build on the kurai dori, waza and hyōshi of earlier kata. After this we moved onto Kōryaku, examining correctly binding both arms, and directing Aite using the yoko nagare, before looking at a henka employing atemi to set up the sutemi nage. Lastly we had a quick look at Iaifū, looking at the positioning of the leap, structure of the uke and targeting of the atemi.

“If you are always with the feeling of pursing secrets, you will lose the true nature of those secrets.” – Hatsumi Sensei

「極意を求めるような感覚でいつまでもいると、極意の本質を失ってしまう」- 初見先生

Dublin seminar with Luke Molitor on Gyokko Ryū Hiden (Sword, etc.) & Bujinkan Ryūha Newaza 31st July – 2nd August.