Iaifū, Chingan, Fūu, Kiri Sage & Sayugyaku

初見先生 -風盂

Class began with Iaifū, Chingan, Fūu, working on positioning and angling with the attack, striking with proper taisabaki and kotsu, before withdrawing, throwing or cutting. As before we examined how the ‘ryaku’ of the level was implemented vis-à-vis the other levels of the school.

After a break we continued onto Kiri Sage, looking at the initial position, entering with the body and doing the detail with the te sabaki, keeping the resistance for a beat, before dropping Aite into a cut. Following this we examined a further version, again from tsuba zeriai, focusing on its structure and rhythm. After this we covered the Sayugyaku, using Atemi to break up resitance, before flowing into a counter attack from a good position.

“There are people who quit when they find out they have been cheated but those people never will be in the big leagues. Before I grasped true budō I did a quite a roundabout apprenticeship. However thinking back now, this was not a waste of time, but it could be understood that each one was a step. There is also value in a detour in itself. Going into muddy water, should you keep still, you will realise that mud sinks to the bottom and the water becomes clear. – Hatsumi Sensei

「インチキだとわかると、すぐカッとなってやめてしまう人がいるが、それでは大物にならない。私は本当の武道をつかむまで、かなり遠まわりをした修業をした。それでも今思えば、それらもむだなことではなく、一つ一つの段階だったことがわかる。遠まわりにもそれなりの価値があったわけだ。泥水の中に入って、じっとしていれば、泥水も泥が地底に沈んで清水になることを悟るだろう。」- 初見先生

Dublin seminar with Luke Molitor on Gyokko Ryū Hiden (Sword, etc.) & Bujinkan Ryūha Newaza 31st July – 2nd August.