Menkyo Kaiden Henchō Gata & Naginatajutsu

初見先生 - 八相之構
初見先生 – 八相之構

Class began with a review of the basic tsuki of Kukishin Ryū sōjutsu, before working on the Menkyo Kaiden Henchō Gata. Working in the kihon and lesson from the previous two levels, we worked through the material, examining the function and strategy of each, and how they related to earlier material.

After this we briefly examined the first two Naginata kata, Nagi Taoshi and Sukui Age, examining the difference in function between the yari and naginata, and relating the use of the naginata to bikenjutsu.

“Recently there has been a remarkable number of foreigners coming to Japan to study martial arts. Amongst them they are split into two extremes, those who show almost no interest in rank, and those who relentlessly covet rank; a rank given to them by a Japanese is a “rank for money, for business”. They think budo is about money.” – Hatsumi Sensei

「最近、日本へ武道の修業にくる外人がめっきり多くなった。彼らは、段位も執拗に欲しがる者と、まるで段位には関心を示さない者と極端に分かれるが、日本人が出している段位に対して彼らは、「段位は金なり、ビジネスなり」と割りきっている。彼らにいわしむるなら、武道も金なり、なのか。」- 初見先生

Dublin seminar with Luke Molitor on Gyokko Ryū Hiden (Sword, etc.) & Bujinkan Ryūha Newaza 31st July – 2nd August.