Torite Kihon Gohō, Hajutsu, Shihō Giri & Sayugyaku

初見先生 - 巌石投
初見先生 – 巌石投

Class began with a review of the Torite Kihon Gohō, focusing in particular at the te sabaki of each to create the fine detail of each gyaku, and the ashi sabaki of musha dori and ganseki nage in particular.

After this we reviewed some of the hajutsu kyuhō, working on multiple iterations of te hodoki, and tai hodoki from various jime waza.

From here reviewed the basic form of Shihō Giri, working on the mechanics of each cut, working with various timings and levels of response from Aite, before working in the alternative endings of the sayugyaku and focusing on the underlying attitude of Kukishin kenpō.

「自然体を保ち、自己をコントロールできるならば、 修行の場は、あなたの、いまそこにある。」- 初見先生

“Keeping a natural posture, if you can maintain self control, your place of training is right here and now. “