Martial Arts for Beginners

Interested in taking up Japanese martial arts and are in the Dublin area? The Bujinkan Shugyo Dojo is a branch Dojo of the Bujinkan martial arts organization based in Dundrum, Dublin, and every other month we run a beginner’s martial arts course for those interested in joining the Dojo.

The course is aimed as those interested in martial arts classes in South Dublin, and particularly those interested in trying out Ninjutsu classes and Jujutsu classes in, or near, the Dundrum area.

The course is not primarily a self-defence or fitness course, although skills learned in training Bujinkan martial arts are applicable to that goal.

No previous martial arts experience or particular level of fitness is required, and all prospective students will have the course tailored to their own particular aptitudes and needs. All you need to bring along is a suitable change of clothes, pen and paper for note taking and some drinking water.

The next course starts Tuesday June 2nd 2015.


Each course includes a total of 15 hours of instruction, where you will learn a new set of skills in a friendly environment intended to foster a warm and professional culture and an excellence in the martial arts. The course cost is €100 which is made payable in advance on the first evening.

This ten week course includes:

  • Ten 90 minute beginner level classes (19:00 – 20:30).
  • A free black training uniform with white belt.
  • Free attendance to an additional fundamentals class evenings after week 6  (19:00 – 20:30)
  • Small class numbers – 8 beginners Maximum Per Course.
  • Detail oriented classes in a fun and professional environment.

An introduction to the following topics in the course:

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  • Ukemi Taihenjutsu – Basic rolling and breakfalling, examining how to safely make impact with the ground and train safely.
  • Junan Taisō & Kokyūhō – Stretching & breathing exercises to promote correct body alignment and flexibility.
  • Atemi & Uke – An introduction to striking & kicking, and how to receive and block.
  • Kosshi Kihon Sanpō – A number of fundamental forms which integrate the various parts covered in the course.

Auxiliary areas introduced include training theory, terminology, Dōjō etiquette and note taking skills.

Bujinkan Dundrum Training

Upon completion of the course participants are free to attend all other classes at the dojo, having gained a base level of skill to be able to engage with more advanced material and train safely. Successful course completion also leads to membership and first rank assessment.


If you are interested be sure to check out the other beginner’s pages and the rest of the website for more details.

To sign up to the course either or arrange to watch a class:

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