“I started training with Matt just over a year ago. I was a little apprehensive at first as coordination has never been a strong point(!) but the class has a wide mix of ages and abilities and any worries I had were quickly allayed. I had always thought that martial arts had to be started at a young age, but I’ve been surprised at how much I’ve learned. 

When I started I had no intention of giving up more than 1 night a week, so it’s a testament to how much I enjoy the classes that when Matt offered a second evening, I signed up immediately.”

Catherine R.

“I have an Admin job, which implies I work seated behind a desk a bit over 40 hours a week.  I wanted to do some physical activity after work, and it was then that a colleague of mine insisted that I went to a class. I had never ever done any martial arts related activity before, nor had I thought I ever would. 

To be honest, if anyone would have said so I’d have probably laughed, or dismissed it without a second thought. But as I did not want to go to a gym, I thought of giving it a chance, at least to go for a class and then I could say I had tried.

This was a while ago already, and I do not regret the decision; it may seem weird trying to explain why hitting people around and getting hit in return can be so enjoyable and fun but, it is!  Of course, in this setting, it’s very important that you feel comfortable in the place that you train and that you trust the ability of those training with you to tune with your pain tolerance and to carry on the techniques safely. 

In this regard, I can happily say this dojo has achieved that. Even though people are very focused while training, it is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and it’s not unusual that you’ll hear people laughing as techniques go on, although it’s a bit strange from a beginner’s point of view!

For the ones more interested in the technical aspect, I personally find it great that Matt goes to Japan regularly and trains directly from the source, which translates into students having access to accurate and detailed information on the different schools’ forms and weapon’s use, both basics and advanced techniques as well. The classes are also really nicely structured and paced, so you get to learn the material properly and take notes on the material from different schools and so on.”

Mariel C.

” I really enjoy training in the Dojo, it’s a friendly environment, the training is applicable for self defence, it’s really good for physical fitness and is detailed and authentic. The workshops are great value.”

Robert M.

“I had done martial arts for a few years when I was younger, but stopped training for one reason and another. I was looking for a local club last year, and my brother found this club. As it was just down the road I headed along! 

While my previous years training have helped a lot, it it definitely isn’t necessary to start training. It is good for me to be able to show and help new people to develop, as well as learning and developing myself. We are doing a fair amount of weapons training at the moment which I really enjoy. The class is good fun, and quite relaxed, and while we train properly, we don’t take ourselves too seriously!”

James L.

“Empecé en el Bujinkan de casualidad, pero no me arrepiento, me encanta. Creo que la razón principal es que me divierto en cada entrenamiento y mientras lo hago no pienso en nada mas.

He hecho otras artes marciales en mi vida, pero esta es la que mas he disfrutado. Las técnicas son muy variadas y además de las ventajas propias de un Arte Marcial, ha mejorado mi respiración y mi postura en general.

Las clases están planificadas al detalle, en ellas Matt nos transmite su amor por el Budo y sus conocimientos. El hecho que el mismo realice su entrenamiento en Japón le permite explicar el porqué de cada técnica y aderezarla con referencias a la cultura e historia Japonesa.

El ambiente en el Dojo es muy sano y de los que te motivan a volver, hay un gran respeto entre todos los estudiantes y creo que internamente a todos nos mueve la superación personal y pasar un buen rato.”  

Alvaro, F.E.